Least expensive tablet roon remote

My iPad doesn’t support Roon software and didn’t want to go buy another one just for Roon. What’s the least expensive tablet people are using just as a Roon remote? I’m all Apple but Android, for this, would be fine.

Just make sure that it has at least 1920 X 1028 resolution as a minimum. A lot of those cheap Android tablets are 1024 X 768 which will probably cause issues.

However, if you want to go more expensive, I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7" for well over a year with no hiccups. Runs very smooth. You might find them on discount now since the Tab S3 has just been announced.

In my experience, Roon Remote runs a bit smoother on iOS than on Android (perhaps Android buffs’ opinions may differ).

The most cost-effective iOS solution would be to get a (used) mini 2 or iPad Air - these are the bottom tier for running Roon. When buying new, the iPad Air 2 seems to hit a nice price/performace sweetspot.

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I am running the Samsung TAB A (2016) 10inch tablet with Octacore processor and it runs Roon very smoothly. I don’t notice lag at all. Tablet was v cheap, around 200chf (i guess around 200usd?) and full HD. Highly recommended.

Used to use an iPad Mini, but sold it and went to the larger iPad to make it easier to read.

I run in on a Kindle Fire HD8 < $100 new.

I also want to 2nd @Eldon_Doucet experience. I used to use a 7" and 8" tablet Samsung Tablets. Roon ran; but with the higher resolution you need everything will be smaller. If you have any issues reading small print then you should go for the bigger size tablet, it will provide a better experience.