Least played albums

How about a focus feature for your least played music? Maybe find some old favorites you forgot about.

Does Roon keep track of play counts? Itunes did when i last used it many years ago, so it was easy to create dynamic play count related playlists.

Yes it does, but I don’t think you can use that data directly. However Todd-Reitz’ wanted feature might be approximated by using Focus with Tracks and selecting Top 1000 played (under Most Played) and then negating that.

Focus/played in the last/all time and negate that gives you a list of those not played at all. From the played in the last menu you can also get not played in the last year. Not exactly what you are looking for but similar.

I use the “not played” Focus feature as laid out by @philr.

However, once this list is emptied I’d like a way to select on played only once, twice, etc. A little finer focus filter would be very useful for digging up albums not played often

How about selecting the album or track view and then selecting “Sorted by most played”? If you change the order direction (the arrow right to the sort option) you would see the albums/tracks on the top that you have played least from Roon.

Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 15.19.58

What do you guys mean “and negate”?

This means to change the order from “played often -> played seldom” to “played seldom -> played often”. The button with the up or down arrow in my screenshot.

Using Focus, you will see your selection criteria highligthed in green (top middle of the screen),
If you click on that field, it will show in red, and will reverse(negate) the selection criteria.

As an example, use Focus to select your Qobuz (or Tidal) albums, by selecting Albums - Format - Qobuz. Now you will see only your Qobuz albums in your Library.
Now click on the highlighted green Qobuz field. It will return red and now all your albums in your Library not coming from Qobuz are presented.

Ok, thanks. Didn’t know you could click there.

It would be nice if it’s possible to have more control of the “Played in the last…”.
Think of a dynamic slider?

Agreed, and also a “number of times played” control