Leave Well Enough Alone

Sometimes, it’s just best to leave well enough alone.

So, today I installed 16GB RAM in my Nucleus and it started locking up. I figured the RAM was defective, the Nucleus was over-heating, or it just didn’t like the Corsair RAM for some reason.

I put back in the 8GB RAM kit and the Nucleus still locked up. This is after I processed a return with Amazon for the 16GB kit.

So, I just did a restore from last night’s Roon backup (backs up every night) and everything is good so far. If I have no problems tonight, I’ll try the 16GB kit again tomorrow and cancel the Amazon return if it works OK.

Bottom line, maybe something got corrupted in the process of me shutting down the Nucleus, etc. IDK. This is a Roon Nucleus that has had zero issues in 25 months.

I also rebooted my router twice during this process.


I rebooted a server yesterday after a kernel update. I lost all my network cards. Reboot, nope gone.
Into the bios.
exactly as expected.
reboot. New device name, but present.
solar flares happen.
Hope it stabilizes.


There is a well known phrase or saying that is apposite in such circumstances;

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Glad you got everything back together again! :+1:

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Thanks, but it just crapped out again. I’m going to have to post in the @support forum shortly if I can’t get this figured out.

Arrgh sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed it gets sorted for you.

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Kind of a grasp, but did you address the new memory in the bios? Update timings etc?

Nope, never did that before and don’t have any idea how. I took it down to 4GB and running it like this for a while. It’s the same 2400 MHz and 1.2 v. if that matters.

Most bios have a setting for timings. What key you need to hit changes by system, usually f2 or f9, sometimes f10 it will tell you at post.
then poke around. do not set a password as forgetting it is a hassle. jumpers, draining batteries, pass.
set it to auto? or use the timings listed by the manufacturer.

It does but you’re fine you replaced kind for kind. Like I said grasping that the timing isn’t correct.

How is that not going to take me into my laptop bios? I’m back using the original RAM so why would I need to change anything? I know nothing.

If it crashes again, I’m going to do some swapping around with the 4GB sticks and two different slots in the Nucleus to see if I can identify anything. I might do that anyway if it doesn’t crash again.

Ok. The Nucleus would need a monitor and keyboard plugged in. Then it is just like any other computer mostly. Specialized usage is the only difference.

That said, I’m sure Roon support have better steps to follow. Read as more of a clue.

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You should also flip it over so it sits properly. You are destroying the heat dissipation properties with it upside down like that.


Done. Thanks.

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Just died again. @danny do you have any ideas what might be going on here? I may need to request an RMA from @support.

A bit of a stretch possibly but the fact you opened it up and it’s been going wrong since, including when you’ve put the good ram back… the data cable for the SSD, if it’s dodgy, could be worth swapping out for another. If it’s intermittently writing bad data, that could be a cause of corruption and your RAM may have been fine all along.

Like Mama, I’m kinda grasping here but I just can’t imagine what else it could be unless you’ve just got really unlucky with the timing of making a change and another unfortunate unrelated HW failure.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try. It’s odd to me that it works for about an hour then craps out. That’s with the new 2X8GB chips and the old chips.

I find it strange too. It could be bad RAM, and I suppose if it’s unseated from the heatsink then overheating could start to cause bad writes too.

It’s just that normally whenever I’ve done something and it starts going wrong, there is some kind of mechanical relationship between those two things and dodgy cables have stung me before.

Do you have any way to view or monitor temperature of your CPU on that thing? If that’s not overheating I’d be surprised that you suddenly have bad RAM and the only thing left I can think of is the cable.

I put the 2X4GB chips back in and playing music now. I also unplugged the ethernet cable from a direct connection to my router and plugged it into my nearby switch. When/if it craps out again, I’ll bring it into the family roon and plug it in using my ethernet cable that normally goes to a RPi4. If that works, I’ll pick up a new ethernet cable tomorrow. Thanks.

Not Ethernet cable, but the one between your Samsung Pro SSD and the motherboard.

It’s a SATA cable with a right angle connector from the looks of things - the red cable in the pic. :+1:t3: