Leaving Roon playing Internet Radio over night causes scheduled backups to be canceled

Roon Core Machine

SuperMicro home brew X11 Workstation board used as a TrueNAS server
CPU is Intel Xeon E3 1205 32 GB ECC main memory RAIDZ2 ZFS pool for Roon DB and local media
This pool replicates to a second internal ZFS pool. (2nd set of disks)
Roon DB Backups to a third ZFS pool. (3rd set of disks)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ISP Cox, Modem DOCSIS 3.1 Motorola Surfboard
Ubiquity Unifi USG router, switches, and INWALL-HD access points

Connected Audio Devices

Schiit Audio GUMBY, MODIUS, and MODI on Raspberry PI Endpoints. ROIPEEE XL
Raspberry Pi 4, Allo Digital DigiOne Signature for Gumby, HifiBerry Digi+ for the Modius. both SPDIF
HiFiBerry Digi+ for Modi TOSLink for study Magni headphone amp.
HiFiBerry DAC2 for the Tivoli table radio.

Number of Tracks in Library

39000 tracks

Description of Issue

WHRV internet radio playing
Backup failed at 1:00:00/Music Playing

Things are working as designed. I’m one of those people who sleeps with music playing or BBC World service as the case may be.

I can go back to off the air radio over night.

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I use the Alarm Clock extension to disconnect my endpoints just before scheduled backups. You could add another alarm 5 minutes after backup to restart them.


As the Mandalorian would say… This is the way.

I have spoken.

I assume you meant can’t

Hey @David_Hamby,

Thanks so much creating a topic describing the way you use Roon and what issue you ran into. We’re sorry about that and about replying this late…

Since it’s been close to a month since this thread was last active, I was wondering if maybe @Progisus’s suggestion worked in your case? Have you tried something else?

We changed the antennas on the FM radios and use Apple music over night. Have not run down the Alarm Clock extension.