Leaving Sooloos

My meridian Sooloos control 15 has failed and meridian can no longer provide spares. I am now looking at Roon nucleus. How would I connect that into my existing meridian system, which consisted of the control 15 (now defunct), running into two separate zones, each zone consisting of a pair of dsp 3200’s driven from an audio core 200, one in each zone, one zone directly from the control 15 the other with an MS200. All on network and using iPad to control the two zones.


@support one of the Roon boys will help you out here for sure.


Where is your music stored? Is it on the Control15? If it is you’ll need to get it off the C15 hard drive unless you have a back up already. How broken is the C15? Can you still access it using ControlPC or ControlMac?

Best practice moving from Sooloos to Roon is to do a native export, as this will export your music with tags and in a more easy folder structure for Roon to analyse.

The Roon nucleus will see your Sooloos zones and play music to them, so there’s no need for new endpoints depending on whether you are going to do a straight swap of the Roon Nucleus with the C15.

C15 motherboard failed and meridian (and local dealer Graham’s) advise cannot be repaired as no spares now available for C15. Music was stored on C15 with back up as Flac files on separate computer. Not sure what you mean by a native export.


If you have a backup of your music as flac files then there is no need for a native export as that gives you a copy of your music in the format it was when you imported it, eg flac,wav,alac etc., and you already have it.
By the way there is a 500gb hard drive in the C15, you get to it from the flap under the base, don’t throw it away as it may be useful?
As dpstjp says all you need to do is add a Roon core I use a NUC, either one you build and setup yourself or the turnkey Roon NUC.

There are two options to extract files from Sooloos, there is the “back up” which I don’t think tags the music files and I can’t remember what extension the files come with, and there is the “native export” which tags the music files and the format is exactly the same as how they were imported.

In addition the folder structure is more intuitive (ie Artist > Album). How many albums are there? Could you ask your local M dealer to restore your back up onto a second system then natively export it?

I have in the past just added the Sooloos encoded drive to a caddy and pointed Roon to it and imported it, it was not 100% but it worked for most of the albums, I was then able to export them, not saying this is the best way to go but is an option to be aware of.

Thanks all very helpful. I am discussing with my dealer accessing the C15 HDD