Lee Martin vs Martin Lee (Roon conflation)

I have this album on prem:

My tags:


To demonstrate the files only contain VorbisComments:


This is how it appears in Roon:

Who is Martin Lee?

No idea how Roon got there.

This is how it appears on my setup (UK)

Local or streaming?

On Tidal…

Thanks. Interesting how Roon gets these gremlins creeping in. One for @joel I think.

Looks a lot like my recent post:

And you yourself, @evand have posted an earlier topic on George Michael / Michael George here:

Maybe this has to do with the fact that both permutations of first name / last name can be interpreted as belonging to an existing performer? Maybe the Roon software tries to outsmart the user in thinking we have put the names in the wrong order?

That link is private so I can’t view it.

Thanks for reminding me to follow up. I’ve no idea what the cause is, but I’m sure it’s a bug in Roon’s codebase that’s going to take some effort to trace and eliminate - I suspect it’s longstanding and in a part of the codebase that’s not been revisited in a long time.

Sorry, I quoted the wrong one… I have just corrected this in my previous post in this topic.