Left and right channels swap

I am new to use roon.
I connect my fanless PC to my amare musica dac by USB. However, when I use the enable DSP function, for upsampling, the left and right channels swap. If I disable the DSP, the channels work normally. Same issue happened if I add a raspberry between the PC and dac.

This is similar to

Which version of Amanero USB firmware is your DAC using?

Using the driver from Amare music, it shows ASIO 1.03 in roon.
Generic Amamero driver doesn’t work

Hello @Chi_Fai_Wong,

Does the channel swap only happen when using DSD upsampling, or PCM upsampling as well? There is a known issue with certain DACs using Amanero USB chipsets that can cause a channel flip when playing DSD content.

As a workaround, you can use the “Procedural EQ” in the DSP Engine to add a “Mix” rule. In the “Mix” settings, you can reassign the left and right channels as you wish.


Seems problem solved after adding procedural EQ, thanks

Hi, I just purchased an Amare Musica Diamond with 1 Tb SSD inside, but don´t know how to connect to the network, and would like to purchase Roon but before purchasing Roon, I want to make sure that it is compatible with the Amare, as I have to purchase Roon Rock or Nucleus and don´t want to spend that money if I am not sure that it can work. I wrote to Amare, but they don´t answer. I don´t know what may be happening.
Regarding your problem, only thing that I’ve noticed with the Amare is that the sound quality is very dependent to the USB cable, I tried many and finally purchased the Stealth T select , and it sounds superb.
If you can help, I will really aprecciate your cooperation very much as I am an audiophile, not a compurter expert