Left and right channels swap

(Chi Fai Wong) #1

I am new to use roon.
I connect my fanless PC to my amare musica dac by USB. However, when I use the enable DSP function, for upsampling, the left and right channels swap. If I disable the DSP, the channels work normally. Same issue happened if I add a raspberry between the PC and dac.

(Peter Lie) #2

This is similar to

Which version of Amanero USB firmware is your DAC using?

(Chi Fai Wong) #4

Using the driver from Amare music, it shows ASIO 1.03 in roon.
Generic Amamero driver doesn’t work

(John) #5

Hello @Chi_Fai_Wong,

Does the channel swap only happen when using DSD upsampling, or PCM upsampling as well? There is a known issue with certain DACs using Amanero USB chipsets that can cause a channel flip when playing DSD content.

As a workaround, you can use the “Procedural EQ” in the DSP Engine to add a “Mix” rule. In the “Mix” settings, you can reassign the left and right channels as you wish.


(Chi Fai Wong) #6

Seems problem solved after adding procedural EQ, thanks

(Luis Dobarro) #7

Hi, I just purchased an Amare Musica Diamond with 1 Tb SSD inside, but don´t know how to connect to the network, and would like to purchase Roon but before purchasing Roon, I want to make sure that it is compatible with the Amare, as I have to purchase Roon Rock or Nucleus and don´t want to spend that money if I am not sure that it can work. I wrote to Amare, but they don´t answer. I don´t know what may be happening.
Regarding your problem, only thing that I’ve noticed with the Amare is that the sound quality is very dependent to the USB cable, I tried many and finally purchased the Stealth T select , and it sounds superb.
If you can help, I will really aprecciate your cooperation very much as I am an audiophile, not a compurter expert