Left channel drop out

Roon Server Machine

Intel NUC > Homeplug > Meridian 210 > Meridian DSP3200s via Speakerlink

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I regularly get left channel drop outs playing music on the above system. I do get them on my other system that also uses Meridian kit but is hardwired.

Any thoughts as to how to resolve it?

To start off. Narrow down where the problem lies.
Start from source, swap left /right cables and see if the drop out also swaps sides . Move on to next link until you see it move left to right and that will help see where the problem lies.

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Can you play from other sources (not Roon)? Do you get dropouts too?

“I do” or “I do not”?

But doesn’t really matter. Roon puts out digital audio. There is no drop left|right signal with digital audio (both intermixed in the same stream) and you need processing/calculation power to separate them.
Logic says, this is about your downstream audio equipment that, after splitting the left and right signal at some point is dropping the channel signal.


The speakers are Meridian DSPs. They are fed a digital signal as they are digital with built in DACs. I suspect it’s a Meridian issue.