Lejonkleu kalla streamer

i don’t see any mention of the lenjonkleu kalla streamer on the forum. i’m quite happy with their phono-stage and would consider replacing my current streamer (stack audio link II) with the kalla, but first i want to confirm that it will work.

my setup is as follows: roon server on the salk streamplayer → ethernet → streamer → dac → preamp etc. the streamer i’m currently using is the stack audio link II, which i don’t see in your list of approved/certified devices, but it works fine in my application.

all my music resides on an internal ssd in the streamplayer. i don’t use any of the streaming services - tidal, qobuz, or the like.

i’d certainly like to hear that this will work for me.

Källa | Lejonklou.

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I am also interested if the Lejonklou Källa streamer works with Roon RAAT? I guess not at the moment, and maybe never will, but the streamer is one of the very best streamers out there, and I am really serious when I said it.

The Kalla is a closed eco-system designed to work by default with Apple products. Apparently Roon does work by virtue of the back door that is AirPlay. With all of the limitations that brings. In addition the Kalla has an on board DAC and doesn’t allow bypass from what I can see. It is literally power and Ethernet in, analogue out. This was from the HiFi Advice review you’ve probably seen.


Although the Källa is not compatible with Roon, Roon offers compatibility with nearly every format out there, and it also works with the Källa. In line with earlier experiences, Roon offers a superlative interface but it produces a sound that is fuller and richer yet also softer and less well-defined than when using the same streaming source directly via the Qobuz app. I would rank this method third best, better than Spotify but not as good as Apple Music.

Airplay is better than Spotify?

Sorry about the delay responding. That is the view of a reviewer. I abandoned Spotify some years ago and don’t use the Apple ecosystem much though I am all in with phone, iPad and ATV’s. Strange I know!

i should add that i am not unhappy with my current streamer (Stack Audio Link II). it does pretty much everything i want from a device of this type. i’m surprised that it hasn’t been reviewed by the majors. while i have great respect for Frederik Lejonkleu, and i love his Entity phono-stage, i think i’ll look for other opportunities to spend 8k!

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Hi Steven,

I used to be a fanatical Roon user. But since I own a Lejonklou Källa I prefer the Källa with Spotify and sometimes Qobuz through Lejonklou’s Protokol (which is compatible with Airplay)
This is really so much more musical than Tidal and or Qobuz through Roon.

That being said: Yes, the Källa is compatible with Roon. It sounds very very good, but skipping Roon will deliver even more musical thrills…

The user interface of Roon on the other hand is second to none.

I might be old-fashioned here, but the compression algorithm of Spotify (OGG, right?) is to my experience always perceived as the lossy compared to uncompressed versions of the same material. At least when we step up to the world of, sorry lack of better word, ‘resolving’ audio. Wouldn’t it be a sort of shame to purchase such expensive gear and feed it with material that from the start has issues that no source can correct?

9k for what is essentially an AirPlay receiver only your having a bubble bath. This industry has lost the plot.

Resolution has nothing to do with musicality
Just listen and trust your ears

No point in arguing on the internet, or about something as lighthearted as music. But I will add that resolution and compression are two very different things. In music as in other things. I’m happy with the equivalent of CD quality in most cases, but I will always stay clear of MP3 or OGG or equivalent destructive compression if I have the luxury and the choice. :slight_smile: