"Lemonade: One hour-long cut? [Resolved]

What’s going on here? Not a huge fan, but was previously using Beyonce’s “Lemonade” to do some testing. Wanted access to MQA and regular versions. So I searched “Beyonce”, chose the “Tidal albums” tab, clicked on one of two copies of “Lemonade”, and here is what I saw:

One track, one hour and just shy of six minutes long. I clicked on the other version (Explicit, MQA) and saw the same thing:

I previously favorited this version of “Lemonade,” so it’s in my library. So when I go back to the Library Albums tab and click on what I see there, it’s this:

It’s what you would expect: There’s a track listing, with 12 songs (not all visible in the screen grab).

What’s going on?


Never mind. I figured it out. It turns out there are four versions of this album on Tidal, not two. Two of them contain one long track; I just happened to find those. No idea why, but not your problem. Feel free to delete this.