Length of supplied power cord

I’m preparing for delivery of a Nucleus and would like to know the length in inches of the power cord. I’m trying to see whether the cord will reach an outlet on my AQ Niagara 1000. Thanks.

It’s probably longer than you need. The Nucleus comes with a 19V power port meaning that there is a length of cable from the Nucleus to a brick and then from the brick to the wall.

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@John_Aiello Thanks, John. Just what I needed!

@Flashman I just measured my NUC power lead and its ~2.5M probably longer by more than 50% than most power supply wall warts

@wizardofoz Thanks for the info. Given that the Nucleus is NUC-based, that makes sense.

We started shipping an international cable at some point, with a slightly shorter cable. It is more reasonably sized at about 1.5m vs the old ~3-4m.

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@danny Danny, I just received the Nucleus today and, sure enough, I received the slightly shorter cable. Fortunately, it was long enough for my needs. I am now filling up the internally installed SSD with the contents of my NAS music drive and then I will be off to the races!

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