Les paul mixed up..... with his own guitar!

I’ve just noticed in this album:

a surprising error. in the credits i find Les Paul.

but LP is not playing in the album.
making a check in discogs for the credits i’ve found:


so it seems that discogs and roon have the same metadata, but roon has transformed a les paul guitar… in les paul in person!
anyway, it seems that the error is not limited to the “easter” album, as les paul is credited also in these albums of my library

and i bet that al di meola is playing a les paul guitar too!

in the al di meola album (2015)

les paul is credited as playing a 2-hole flute.

i don’t know where this come from. but Les Paul died in 2009. and is not credited in the original CD. but di meola plays a LP guitar in the album…

well… at least in “splendido hotel”

les paul is really playing guitar

@support no feedback

You must spend all your time finding metadata mistakes. And none listening to music?
Does it really matter that much?

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how do you know?
anyway … i don’t spend time looking at metadata errors.
i simply find them. because they are not metadata. they are actually artists playing.
and when i listen to music, i also like to know who i’m listening to.

if for you patti smith and les paul are the same thing… well good for you… :slight_smile:

solved in 1.7

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