Less than two months with Roon, and quite satisfied

Well, well…

My second month of Roon is almost finished, I think I tried almost every feature (except for some hardware bridges) and my overall feeling is : Very satisfied.
The new version of Core updated without a glitch on my Windows Server, same for my clients. Just perfect. There are more bug fixes than new features, but -honestly- I prefer that.

I wanted to post this, just to support the team for the nice work they do. :star_struck:

Of course, bugs will always exist, the list of Feature Request will always grow (I created one myself lately) but this doesn’t replace my satisfaction of everyday use of the software.

So,thank you Roon Team ! gg! :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree. I’ve been 6 1/2 months with zero problems using Tidal and Qobuz. That is, since I got my Roon Nucleus and ethernet everywhere.

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Ditto on the sentiments, 11 months now, and continues to get better.

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I am going to cancel my subscription after 6 months with Roon. The search function which would be the main reason for buying Roon, is simply too lousy when you mainly listen to classical music where searching is at its most difficult due to the many different parameters included. As far as I can see, classical music library organisation is the strongest motivation for buying Roon in the first place, and when Roon programmers demonstrate so little interest in solving this, I’m gone.

You might as well ride out the rest of your annual subscription.