Let me train roon!

I don’t get it. Why should it be so difficult or convoluted to declare a favorite when I encounter a track I like on Qobuz or Tidal? Roon should make it super simple everywhere (one click) to allow me to favorite/like/rate something. Ultimately I want to use roon to browse everywhere and I want to train roon and personalize it for me. The more high quality signals you get from me the more relevant the recommendations and the more you delight me with new discoveries!

you want to like something add it to your library first

That was my question. Why? Roon can do that for me.

I can hear the outcry now. “I only played this track to show how awful it was and Roon has added it as a fav in my Library… Now I have to delete it… why oh why why” :joy:

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I didn’t imply playing should add to favorites. It is an explicit action on my part to like/favorite/rate, like anywhere else in the universe. Really, the value is not obvious here? No AI/ML in roon!!!?

If it’s in your library, just click the Heart. It’s easy.
I often select tracks, then heart and Roon swims through all my faves music. Perfect

add it to your library and you can like it all you want. Roon keeps track of your library, not of some arbitrary set of tracks. Add the album as a tidal or qobuz album and like whatever it is you want to like.

If you’d prefer Roon to automatically add an album when you like something not in your library (what that has to do with ai or ml only you know) submit a feature request rather than go on an unwarranted rant.

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