Let's build a playlist: The best of 2019 (so far)

(Dylan Caudill) #10

A few of mine:




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What tracks?

(David W) #12

Here are tracks from my albums

The Garden from Brad Mehldau’s Finding Gabriel

Giovanni from Jamila Wood’s Legacy

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(John B) #13

Amazing stuff for a 86 year old. I hope my mojo is as good if I reach that age:

Under everyone’s radar I think but this Hatfield at her joyous best…

The winner for me of course is Fontains DC
So many standouts on this album but there is something about the delivery of some of the lyrics in this one that is Lynnott-esque.


(Paul) #14

Lovely track “Libery Belle”, first thing came to my mind was the Undertones.

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(John B) #15

High praise indeed. Hopefully they have more songs in the tank. My son gives out that all their previous singles are on this debut album. I counter with that they are trying to make it with more than the usual suspects and I had not heard of them until this album so I needed to hear these tracks.

Cracking album though, if I could I would have chosen 3 tracks from it.


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That’s the track from Dogrel I’d have gone for, still enjoying your recommendation, thanks. Now my choice is taken I’m not sure what to go for…

(Steve Pashley) #17

(Steve Pashley) #18

Sorry guys - too hasty. This is the title track; 1st cut on his album. Indian DJ - starts slowly but give it 2 mins… the whole album is great. Turn up the volume !

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RoonShareImage-636963224231429416 RoonShareImage-636963228953610519

(Paul) #20

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(Greg Hill) #21

Great idea! Traveling now but will post a couple when i get back.

(Dominic Valois) #22

Track - Big Man Do Cry

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(Chris ) #23

This from Mavis Staples live album

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(Martin Webster) #24

No Brucie Bonus? How about Moonlight Motel?

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(Paul Langdon) #25

Stones (Western Stars, Bruce Springsteen) as Midnight Motel is already on the playlist :slight_smile:

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(Jacek Czarnecki) #26

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(Chris) #27


(Ged) #28

I’m seeing two or three of this lot at Glastonbury next week. Good to get recommendations.

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(thomas clark) #29

Birds of a Feather
Blossom 6-19-19