Levinson 5101 and Roon

I have a Mark Levinson 5101 streaming CD/SACD player that is not Roon Ready like their more expensive 519 player is. How difficult is it to make an existing player like my 5101 Roon Ready? Is is just a software upgrade and certification process or is there hardware that needs to be built into the player? O am new to Roon and would sure like to be able to use wifi and Roon to interface with the 5101, thanks,


Does it support UPnP/DNLA? If so you could try to use one of the two UPnP bridge software apps that will bridge the two protocols together. There is one that works as a Roon extension running on a Rasperry pi called RooUPnP or you can use LMS2UNP, thratter is what the former is made from but is more Roon freindly. The latter can be used on any computer. It works by taking the UPnP device and advertising it as a Squeezebox device which Roon supports. It converts the stream on the fly. You don’t get artwork or any now playing info on your streamer but It may work well or it may not. Other than that you cant upgrade hardware that’s up to the manufacturer to do, which seems unlikley.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback. Not sure if the Levinson 5101 supports UPnP/DNLA or not. As a Roon neophyte, one of the things that I don’t know is if the 5101 needs hardware modification to become Roon certified, or if is just a software upgrade, thanks,

It can’t be made roon ready. The only way to get roon to work with it is to get a device that does work with roon and plug it into your device.
Or a protocol converter as @Simon_Arnold3 says above.