LG V20 can’t run Roon app

Hi - ever since the last update to Roon, my LG V20 android phone can no longer run the Roon app. It constantly freezes the phone and I can’t use it. I rebooted the phone multiple times, also uninstalled and rebooted phone, then reinstalled app … all with no luck. Anyone else have this issue? Hoping a software fix can fix this. It is on Android 8.0 (the last update from Verizon). Thanks!

No help to you, but on my LG V30 / Android 8.0.0 Roon still runs without any obvious problems.
Hope you get it sorted! (Might be worth opening a support thread or tagging support)

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Also no help here, just the information that I still have the same issue with my EU Galaxy Note 10 plus since Roon update in May.

So finally I bought a used LG V30 at the end of July, which I use just as a WiFi remote without a SIM card and exclusively for Roon.

: (( I also considered a LG V20, like yours, which luckily I didn’t buy :))) … imagine that:
Buying an additional phone that I don’t actually need because I already have a really good one - that just doesn’t work with Roon.
And the phone that I 'm buying now might not work after the next Roon update either?!

It certainly makes sense to move the whole thing into the support section so that it can be seen by @support.

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In addition:
Looking for compatible Android versions, I just found this article here:

I didn’t know it before. Well … at least something you can stick to to be on the safe side when you decide to buy a new phone … :disappointed: