LG V40 and ROON

Hello! I own a LG V40. I wonder if its possible to buy a ROON subscription and usr it one my phone with Tidal streaming? The musicfinder/suggestion/personalize feature seems excellent compared to Last.fm

Does it also use the internal DAC chip loke UAPP?


No, you must run Roon on a computer device of some sort. You can use a phone as a control device and/or as a Roon end-point.

You can run the V40 as an end point but not as a Roon core. It also doesn’t use the Quad DAC like UAPP.

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looks like now it does use the quac dac

But not in the same way. It cant bypass the Android mixer.

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yeah i noticed, it still resamples. i’m using uapp renderer with ifi bridge to stream to lg v40 now