LG webOS smart TV

taking the extension of Roon to one more level - is there any way to use a LG smart TV running webOS as a roon end point?


Does your TV have Chromecast built in? Found that my Sony Bravia did and set it up…works well.

I use a Chromecast on mine

trying to avoid the additional yet another streaming device because the TV is a “Smart TV” with built in webOS that already links up to just about everything - except Roon

Its kind of wonky but if you screen cast your phone to the TV and use the Roon app on your phone it does somewhat work.

does this work on LG TV, roon tv?

Using as display only: It worked with web-display at first but now I only get the Roon logo and on the LG TV I cannot get Airplay/Homekit to work properly on the (brand new 4k) LG Smart TV. Support case opened with LG support but they’re asking to reset to factory settings which means I’ll have to reset all accounts on the streaming services. Maybe next weekend.