LH Labs Pulse Infinity X & native DSD

I’m sure this has been answered elsewhere in this forum but I can’t seem to find it. So here goes: I would like to play native DSD, not Dop, via USB with my Pulse DAC. However in the device settings in Roon remote I do not have a native choice, just Dop. I have a Pulse Infinity X DAC which, according to LH Labs support, should be able to do native DSD up to 256. I believe I have v2.0 firmware.
I use Roon ROCK on a NUC for my server, OS software is v1.0 (build 159) and server software v1.5 (build 354). Roon remote is on a Lenovo tablet.
I have found references to certain patches for the Linux system to get native DSD but I’m not sure if that’s something i can do with ROCK or if it’s already included in the ROCK software.

Thank you,