Lib Maintenace "Not associated with storage location"

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

High end WIn10 Pro with ROON server only

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Core located in util room along with network rack that contains Motorola Surfboard SB6141 modem, Ubiquitii edgerouter, TP-Link TL-SG2216 manged swtich, QNAP NAS for files

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Fiber from switch > Sonore Optical Rendu > USB from OR to DAC

Description Of Issue

Looking for some insight into “not associated with storage location” meaning.

I haven’t changed storage settings / location since day one and I occasionally go into the ROON library maintenance setting “just to see” and it never reported much of anything. Now it is showing 4226 tracks?

lib maint

  • I don’t stream and use local lib/files located on NAS (network rack in util room)

Now I have recently done some clean up on albums, usually:

  • Unidentified albums so I’ll edit the metadata directly on the file via dBpowermp (mapped drive in windows explorer) and then on same album in ROON (edit > edit album) for anything further

  • On multi discs not be recognized in ROON, I’ll create a Disc 1 + Disc 2 folder under the parent that didn’t exist initially (e.g. change The Wall, Disc 1 to The Wall \ Disc 1 and Disc 2 sep folders)

  • Drop folder into Musicbrainz Picard, do a look up and save (basically a manual meta data update external to ROON, kind of like a dBpoweramp edit

The ROON server did recently get a major update to 1809 build. I set to delay all updates to the longest period. So 1809 isn’t the most recent build by any stretch but I wonder if that alone triggered something.

Additionally, I don’t notice anything “wrong” in my enviro and ROON has been pretty solid without issues, but am wondering if this “not associated” is a bad indicator or if something problematic?

Thanks for any assistance

That indicates that a storage location was removed. For example, a storage location on an external USB and the USB was pulled out. Or location on a network resource that is turned off

The location was not disabled it just isn’t there anymore.

Hmm, OK thanks for chiming in, appreciated. However, as my OP indicated, nothing has changed on my storage location, in years.

My Core, dedicated Win10 Pro wkst only running ROON server and my 4TB of music located on a NAS, hasn’t changed. Nadda, nothing. I just continue to add music files to the NAS.

Only thing that has changed are sec + OS updates to WIn10 and NAS. Like I said a major update on WIn10 recently (1809). Maybe that’s what triggered it, dunno. Hard to know exactly when the 4226 number actually started.

If I look at my storage setting, this is exactly the same since day one.

I was responding to this. As for why, it can be as simple as a folder containing those files were deleted on the NAS.

I wish the program showed you what those files were as that would make it easier to figure what happened.

Ok understood :slight_smile:

Although I’m pretty sure I haven’t made a significant enough of a change to have had 4200 files moved, delete or modified.

Yes one would think if it’s keeping track of what been moved/deleted etc… it would know or indicate what files it thinks are missing

Hi @Swisstrips,

Are these 4,000 tracks by any chance under your Music folder that you have disabled?

This would be under the music folder of your local PC, perhaps it was enabled when you installed Roon?

Hi @noris

Nope, what the storage pic shows is the way it’s been forever. I never had local storage on the core

Nothing of significance has ever really showed up in the lib maint area

Could a major Win update trigger this in some way?