Liberace equivalent ...?

I attended a Lang Lang concert some years ago and was fascinated by a review, which unfortunately I can’t find. He criticized the gyrations and contortions of the artist. You got the feeling that the only acceptable performance was Lang Lang sitting stiffly on the stool in a tux. He was appalled at the audiences’ enthusiastic reaction to the performance. Basically insulted the audience.

So with that pre-amble I recently watched some old Liberace videos, and listened to some of his music. I was surprised how much I liked it, all the trills and extraneous whatnots that he throws in. Most pieces were loud, flashy, joyful, the popular things that people loved, and just uplifting. The latter reason is probably why I liked it given the current times. Joyful, exuberant, uplifting is what I need right now.

I looked up “liberace equivalents” on google and found Richard Clayderman and a couple of others. They were primarily orchestral rather than piano, didn’t have the energy or flashiness. Just wondering if there are any other artists that have that Liberace polish, even if it is too thick a layer.