Liberty and XMOS issue

I’m thinking to upgrade my DAC buying a Liberty, I’ve read all the discussion about xmos issue without reaching a clear final information about reliability of a system made by Nuc running ROCK and a Liberty

I have checked the Mytek web site without finding any information about and no possibility to ask them about as a ticket can be open only if you already have one of their products… but I would like to be sure it will work properly BEFORE not after (no time and money to waste here)

I have checked in the Roon update history and again didn’t find any useful info… also no clear info in the section about ROCK, why not to put there a list of NOT compatible dac? Couldn’t that be useful to push dac manufacturer in fixing their products if/when necessary?

So, at the end, one clear simple question: will the Liberty be a reliable DAC (xmos problem solved) or not yet?

I thank you in advance all of you that will help me and I would appreciate a reply from Roon team too ( who better then them can know how the situation is?)

Nothing in the official Mytek docs say it has been fixed.

However, Roon pushed out a change in their January 2018 release which mitigates the problem. I haven’t noticed it in the past year with my Liberty.

Hello Bill,

thanks for your reply, so your experience says that Nuc running ROCK together with Liberty (xmos) is stable… may I ask you two last questions? … is Liberty connected to NUC usb door directly or you put something in between? … in Rock do you use any DSD elaboration or the signal just go out as it is?

sorry for additional boring question but I already faced “strange” reply from Ifi when, asking them why the Nuc was not connecting to Ifi nano, they reply that “they do not support Linux interface” … luckily Roon people has done a good job and restarting the system the dac was there as end point… but you can imagine that wasn’t a nice experience

thanks in advance for your reply

I don’t use a NUC, but my Liberty is connected via USB to a Raspberry Pi 3B+, and that connects to Roon via WiFi. But I don’t think it matters.

As it is.

thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

I just read this thread. I have a Liberty DAC and ROON ROCK. I usually have the Liberty connected to to an ALLO USbridge running DietPI. DietPi will only do DSD128 DOP. So, for you I connected the Liberty directly to one of the ROCK USB ports. ROON recognizes the Liberty as native DSD! It will upsample to DSD256 in the DSP settings. Does this answer you question?


Hello Gerald,
perfect answer and perfect help, thanks a lot !

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