[Library] Albums shown twice as local files and in Tidal


using Roon for a few weeks now and already a lifetimer :slight_smile:

I have a question in how to handle albums that I have as local files and additionally “liked” in Tidal for mobile use.

In Roon these particular albums show up twice in my library, but I just want to see the local version, because I use the Tidal “favorite” only in the Tidal app on Android.

The solution is probably simple, any help appreciated. :slight_smile:

Select both albums, then select “edit”, and you’ll see near the top “group alternate versions”. The album will then show only once in your library. You can select which one is “primary” (sounds like you want your local version for that) by clicking on “versions”.

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Great! That’s it! Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Perhaps I’m missing something, but when I select multiple albums as directed and then select “merge” I still see multiples in the “Album” view. I can select a primary, but again still see multiple versions in the albums view. Thanks in advance.

Do you have “show hidden tracks and albums” in the off position in Settings?