Library and metadata issues - Metadata improver: Paused

Dear all, I’m being confronted with two issues as seen in the image. ‘adding music to library’ never ends. The wheel is turning on and turning on. The metadata is paused. I read something about DNS-settings. I can’t manage the DNS-settings in my router (Ziggo). I restarted the core several times, but that doesn’t fix the issue. I turned of the firewalls ipv4 and ipv6

Router: Ziggo
switch: Netgear
Core: Grimm Audio MU1

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Is this from a recent new album you added as I see just 7 tracks .
If so and it was from a streaming service like Qobuz or Tidal you can try the following.
Log out of whichever streaming service inside of Roon you are using.
Reboot Roon Core again.
Log back into your streaming service once fully rebooted.

Good luck.

@AceRimmer Thank you for your message. I’m using Tidal (and some local tracks on the MU1). Iogged out on Tidal and reseted the MU1, but the problem remains unfortunately.

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