Library and release date

Is thera a way that my library can show me/categorize my albums by the ‘original release date’ and not realese date? Now l have to keep changing ‘release date’ on all my albums but that is very tireing.

In Album View, click Focus and then click (tap) the Years graph. Then select the years range you want. I believe that’s Original Release Date.

Cheers, Greg

Thats not right! It will give you release date not original release date.
I think that most of us, we are interested in the original release date not ex. Cd release date.

Are you sure? I focused on Years 1965-1965 and this came up.

Then clicking the Byrds album, it shows this.

I see Original Release Date as Dec.12, 1965 and Release Date Apr.30, 1996.

Cheers, Greg

When i find my 1965 albums i get this:

My byrds albums from 1965, turn,turn and mr. Tambourine man doesn’t show up. They show up in 1996!

And i dont know where i can control this!!!!

Ok i found out!!!
I checked the settings at an earlier stage, and i dint find it.
But i checked again now and i found out!!! See pic
Thank you for discussing this :grinning: