Library behaviour when directory disconnected and reconnected

I am trying to clean up my library. But Roon is really annoying in CHANGING my data, once I thought I had set it the way that I want to see it.

  1. Having ‘set’ album art. When I disconnected my NAS directory’s and then reconnected it some of my ‘chosen’ Album Art had been changed, either to a blank picture, or to a picture that Roon ‘prefers’.
  2. When I now order albums according to Date Added, they are incorrectly sorted, and this does NOT reflect my recent rips.
  3. For 2 disc sets, which I gad “merged” they have now been unmerged.
  4. One album ‘became’ hidden after reconnection, for no apparent reason.
  5. Per my other post from today - there are certain files (not that many) which I am UNABLE to delete. These are files whose source is marked as Local. They "look’ like they have content, but they don’t.

Hi @Robert_Markwick — Thanks for reaching out!

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

For these types of questions it is also very helpful to see a screenshot of Settings > Library > Import Settings.

Can you share an example of this?

Can you share an example of this?

Are the albums that are showing here recently edited, even if they existed before?

Had you made any changes to the files? Were they moved? Re-imported?

Can you share some details on this? Is it a version of another album that you have?

Do these files exist in your storage location? Are they editable there?

One last thing I’d like a bit more information on:

Can you elaborate on exactly what happened here? What steps did you take? Do you have a backup of Roon from before you did this?

Hi Dylan,

It is great to hear from you. I appreciate it.

  1. I am not sure what you mean by Network Hardware…
    Most Roon access is via Mac or through iPad apps. I have a Nucleus and the Library sits on a NAS Drive

My Settings are in the attached Screen Shots
The Music use to used to sit in a Sooloos Directory, but has been cleaned up and moved into a Music Roon Directory, after serious corruption and loss of data ins Sooloos.

I enclose a couple of screen shots.
(While reviewing the “New” Directory, including some of my new rips, I can see plenty of inconsistencies in the way that some of the sub folders “look”. Eg there are some Album Titles in places where I would expect to see an Artist Name. I intend to delete those and re-rip.

There is also difficulty with Classical Music. Eg I have ripped Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier - Two volumes of double disc sets, by the same Artist (Andrew Schiff), but only one volume actually appears under his name.

I also attach a screen shot of albums by Order. I see now that all albums say “date added May 21”. To clarify, I disabled the Directory, in order to see the remaining files (Tidal AND Non Tidal). When re-enabling, it seems like all albums were marked as added today.

You will see that 2 Disc sets have not been recognised as such, and I will have to merge those (the ones you can see have only been ripped today, so are not the ones I referred to earlier). However, there were a couple of older albums, ripped weeks ago, that I have had to merge again.

Another screen shot shows albums, most of which are albums that had their cover art changed by Roon between me disabling my Music Roon Directory, and then re-enabling it again. A few albums are ones that I might re-rip, in order to get the correct art attached. I am unable to source the correct art when using the Edit function (either identify data, or edit Album).
I disabled it in order to see which folders Roon could still “see” which were not in the Music_Roon folder, AND were not Tidal either.

Here is a screen shot of one, where you can see the “apparent” source (local):

You will also note that for another album in this group the “versions” are all completely different (they have no relation to the original album). I am currently unable to delete these albums:

With respect to the albums that “became" hidden, you are right - those were duplicates.My mistake. Should have noticed.

I did NOT have a back up, as I assumed that my Music_Roon Directory would not be impacted.

Backing up is something I want to put in place once I had finished completing my library.

I am not sure what Backing Up WITHIN Roon does.

Where does any back up sit.

If there is a best practice for backing up memorialised, pease do send the link. In total I have about 850 albums, of which about 3/4 already sit in the Music_Roon library



All the best


Hi @Robert_Markwick,

Definitely let us know how things go after re-ripping! A better folder structure and tags can definitely help here.

Does this show under the Versions tab of the album you can see?

Does this second volume show up at all if you search by path? If so, can you share a screenshot of the album page?

Did you do any editing to your files during this time? This might change if the modification time from the files themselves changed.

Did you only disable the watched folder or did you completely remove it and re-add?

One thing to note is you can use Focus on certain directories so you don’t have to remove them in the future if you wish to do this.

You can read more about our backups here in our KB.

Can you navigate to Settings > Library > Clean Up Library and share a screenshot of the Library Cleanup window? Don’t actually run this process, I just want to take a look at the numbers that show up here.

Thank you Dylan. In answer to your questions:
Ripping is better, also aided by a better ripping product: dbpoweramp CD ripper.
I am uploading two screen shots of my 2 Andras Schiff volumes (1&2) of the Well Tempered Klavier, complete with path. How do I change things so they ‘sit’ next to each other? tks!
I may have edited some, but did not edit all.
Yes, only disabled
Thank you for the tip re focus. v helpful!
![Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 23.31.50|690x388]

the comparison shot for the other double CD album

Library Clean Up Screen Shot (not long since I last cleaned up library) FYI