Library Cleanup after 880/882 balls up - Lost 1300 albums

After the 880 / 882 f’update - I seem to have 'lost 1300 albums - ‘somewhere’
and I can’t tell where / which albums have been ‘deleted’ from the library…

going into system / options and choosing library cleanup - the second tick box shows 1300 albums “not associated with a storage location”
and as I type this - just gone in to menu to correctly type the message - and now shows Zero albums - not associated with storage location… so they’ve gone…

I have no drives that appear to be missing from storage locations - I ‘had’ around 5300 albums - and have since … forever - now roon is showing 4084

can someone, anyone, offer a ‘what’s gone on’ reply?

Dean, many of us were confronted with ‘missing’ albums after the recent update. A restart of the Roon server or reboot of the Core computer has resolved this issue. Have you already tried this option?


Yes, I have lost my entire database, some 6-years of library management, tags, bookmarks, history!

that’s certainly no good… hmmmm
yes tried rebooting, restarting etc… no go

wondering if the f’update changed database so it now doesn’t count duplicates? perhaps previously duplicates were counted as separate albums? - thoughts?

rebooted everything again - after another 24hrs of ‘whirling circles’ at the top of the screen - back to 5224 albums…


You may need to reset the “hide duplicates” toggle. Sometimes, settings get changed or returned to default with an update.

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