Library Disappears on Startup

FWIW, ever since the .18 update (nothing change on my Synology NAS) I have had my library dissapear on startup as well (core running on Win10/64 and I connect to \DISKSTATION\xxxxxx, not a mapped drive)

Used to work flawlessly until this update, now I have to restart Roon a few times and it comes back up. No idea what is going on first time something like this ever happens.

Hello @Jean_Francois_Prieur,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this behavior as well. We’d love to help sort this out.

If I understand correctly, you’re connecting your NAS to your Core via a network share. Instead of using the name (DISKSTATION), could you please try using the NAS’ IP address instead?

Does that help?

Note that this will work fine so long as the NAS has a fixed or reserved IP address. If it is set to DHCP then it will at some point change IP address and Roon will not be able to find it.

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Hi @Jean_Francois_Prieur

Were you able to give Rebeka’s suggestion a try? Any imorovement?

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No I have not since, as noted by @Anthony_Bates, if your NAS is on DHCP this workaround will not work. It eventually works out so I am not in a rush to change my configuration. I was just replying to the OP that I had a similar issue with the .18 update.

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