Library drive file management on Mac OS-X

Roon Core Machine

NUC 10i7FNH with latest ROCK core
Intel Mac Book Pro with latest OS-x
Two Seagate external USB HDDs with exFAT format

Networking Gear & Setup Details

N/A to this issue

Connected Audio Devices

N/A to this issue

Number of Tracks in Library

87,000 tracks (just over 4TB

Description of Issue

I use the MacBook Pro to add new rips, to modify metadata, and to groom my library. At all times, one of my two library drives is connected to my ROCK / NUC for streaming and the other is connected to my MBP for updating. When I have the updated drive the way I want it, I clone it to the other drive and then swap the two to equalize wear.

I use the following editing software:

DbPoweramp for ripping & format conversions (I keep most of my library in wav format because, on my system, it seems to sound better).

MP3TAG for metadata manipulation.

Owl-something for file searches (Apple Finder gets slow as molasses when searching a large, external drive).

Now to my issue. Both drives had a file titled “China”

When I look at the file with “get info,” the files identify as zero bytes. But when I look at them with drive software, they claim to occupy 72.2 GB each!

I made the mistake of moving them to the Trash. But they will not allow themselves to be deleted. When I try, both the “Empty recycle bin” and the “Delete now” processes crash with a “file is too large” error message.

I’ve discovered that if I zip the files prior to sending them to the recycle bin, I can successfully delete them. But the files ALREADY in the recycle bin can’t be zipped while they’re still in the trash, and I can’t get them OUT of the recycle bin. If I try to remove them from the recycle bin, I get an error message saying (again) that the files are too large to move.

Renaming the files makes no difference. After each couple of tries, I run Disk Doctor. It completes successfully and says the drives are fine,

I’ve researched this on Google, and attempted some sudo codes via terminal without success. I’ve also rebooted multiple times without success.

How do I kill these files?


Try this:

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Nope. Sudo -R just doesn’t work. I’ll try safe mode tomorrow.

It’s sudo rm -R filename, but be VERY careful!

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