Library drives multiplying like rabbits

My Roon ROCK has stopped working. I can see albums, but when I try to play anything, I get the message “Playback stopped because the file is still loading” or something like that. The spinning plate at the top of the RoonRemote is still going full speed.

If I look at the drive in Mac Finder, I see proliferating drives instead of the single I have connected. As of now, I’m seeing:


But when I click their arrows, asking to see the contents, both appear empty. Earlier, I had a p3 drive also (that’s now disappeared again).

What’s going on?

Smacks of hardware failure, what kind of drive is it and how is it connected to ROCK?

The funny name is Roon’s way of identifying the USB drive , its obviously something from the internals of the drive . Mine is


Are you removing the drive from the NUC , then re-inserting ? Looks like it creating a second instance. hence the -2 suffix.

Maybe try , remove the USB drive - Reboot the NUC then look at the Storage folder , there should be No drive

Then re-insert the USB . I initially had the same funnies ,now its set I just leave it alone , it hasn’t blipped since (2 months ?). My NUC is restarted twice daily at present , not sure if that makes any difference.

I am not aware of a method to “safe remove” or dismount the drive

The missing music is probably Roon looking for the first instance where the second instance is the real disc, you need to get down to one drive then make sure Roon knows thats where the music is in Settings>Storage

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Not sure, of course, but maybe your Roon backup folder is nested within your Roon watched media folders, as that seems to have been reported to cause comparable problems in the past.

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