Library Entries Mix-Up: Stanley Clarke, Surf Rock, and Duke Ellington's Far East Suite (ref#VMSSL1)

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Describe the issue

A couple of entries in my library are causing problems. A track from a Stanley Clarke album and a track from a surf rock compilation have been comingled with Duke Ellington's Far East Suite.

Describe your network setup

ISP is Infinity through Netgear Orbi gateway using Netgear GS105 switch. Nucleus with ROCK is connected directly to Orbi. Endpoints are connected through switch.

Additional information:

This is one of the cross linked files. It references a track from the compilation album War of the Surf Guitars.

This is the other cross linked file. It references a track from the Stanley Clarke Album The Toys of Men.

When I first noticed this issue I thought I might fix it by reidentifying each album, but when I tried all I got was the gyrating Roon symbol. Now when I try to access those referenced albums I get the gyrating Roon symbol. The library works fine otherwise. Any suggestions on how to fix these glitches?

I opened Roon this morning and as I was watching my library those two anomalous entries disappeared one after the other. I’m not sure what that means. Will they come back?

And now there are more of them.

Hi @David_Gibson ,

Thanks for reaching out with your message. If you try to right-click the file and open the edit menu, can you try to re-identify and rescan the track? Does this trigger any change in behavior?

It doesn’t seem to have any effect. It seems to be related to the tags I’m using. They’re nothing fancy, just a way to identify the albums with reference to an external database I use. I’m going to try and delete then recreate the tags and see if that fixes the problem. I’ll let you know.

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