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hello, I am having the issue that my Roon library gets deleted every time I reboot the Rock OS on my NUC.

can you please advise

please see attached. running Rock on an approved NUC



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Can you please clarify if you are saying that your music library is being deleted, or your Roon database? There is no library storage drive installed in your NUC. Is your library on a NAS or external drive?


my library is stored on the NUC and Roon storage library is directed to that folder

Roon does not recommend keeping your music library on the same storage platform as their database in a Nucleus or ROCK system. Having both on the same drive results in instabilities when scanning both the database and music locations. Can you move your library to an external drive? The library files really need to be on a separate drive.

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Expected IMO in your current setup. As Robert_F already pointed out:

Copying music to the system drive is not supported (only works temporary if at all) on Roon OS devices. Please read the following article to see what options there are:

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