Library integrity reassurance needed

My iCloud Music Library kept changing track and album metadata randomly. Besides the random changes, when tracks would go in and out of availability on Apple Music or the iTunes Store, it would affect not only my AM tracks, but tracks that I had uploaded from my ripped CDs to the cloud.

  1. If Roon’s metadata source changes, or if the source changes metadata for music in my library, will Roon still keep my edits and still properly identify my albums?

  2. Further, if an album is identified correctly (no edits of any kind needed) in the current global metadata set for Roon, and the information about the album changes at the metadata source, can I expect Roon to alter the information for that album in my library on its own? It seems like that could be a double-edged sword.

If the answers are no/yes, then I have to seriously re-think the amount of time I’m willing to invest in making my library pretty and consistent across all my music. I don’t want to see chunks of my hard work vanish again like they did with Apple, or get irritating surprises when I play music from my library (again, like I got with Apple).


Hi Jeff,

The answers are yes / no.

Though if Roon can’t identify an album in the first place I check that the file tags are in order (correcting and attempting to re-identify in Roon as required) before performing any manual editing in Roon.

Thanks, Carl. I feel reassured. :slight_smile:

Good plan. Knowing myself like I do, i always feel it is best to check for user error before trying anything else.:slight_smile:


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