Library is losing albums

I had an ethernet cable issue. while scanning library cable connection was lost…
now i have 4000 files with i/o error. after rescanning the library till albums are missing. how can I perform a deep rescan? albums still missing in the library but from the nas i can play them in the finder with no problem…


Unfortunately, it sounds like your problems may be more deep-seated. If Roon can’t read the files then there is a good chance that other players can’t either. I suggest you check the files with mp3val or audiotester to determine if they are corrupt.

It is possible that you have a failing drive–a problem with Ethernet should not result in corrupt data.

Delete the Roon data file. It will treat everything as new and rescan. Take a look once that is done and we can go from there.

i am on osx
checked them with musicscope and played them with finder and vlc no problem…

data file? what is this…where to find…core is on audiolinux (linux)…
but my playlists and all the tagging stays?


Can you tell us more about your setup, e.g. what is running Core and where the files are located etc. Also, what kind of media files do you see the error?

Please share a screenshot of Settings > Storage. Thanks.

You can’t do what I suggest and keep playlists and edits so scratch that.

audiolinux core…sotm sms200 neo player…synologynas via ethernet…
flac files diffrent values 16/44 24/96…
still working on a new rescan…

Let us know when the scan is complete and if there are still skipped files. Some find that restarting Core clear these.

sudo systemctl restart roonserver [or similar depending on your flavour of Linux]

Hello @latenz

Do you by any chance have a backup of your database prior to this issue? I am wondering if it might be best to revert to a backup as to preserve your edits if the re-scan is not successful in importing those files. Please let us know how it goes.


seems to be a hardware problem…copied the files back and forth from diskstation to the laptop and back to the diskstation i/o error is gone…

thanks for helping…don´t know if my diskstation is faulty or the hd…

Hello @latenz,

Thanks for letting us know that copying the files again resolved the issue. I would run a S.M.A.R.T Disk Check on your Synology drive and a badblocks disk check on your Audiolinux (if it supports that feature). Please let me know if that helps.