Library is now full of crap - how do I easily get back to what it was?

Sorry in advance if this is a total newbie question. I signed up for Roon and somewhere along the way agreed to let Roon add stuff to my library that they thought I would like. What a mistake! I went from 30 albums of my favorites - now I have 561 albums, most of which I am not interested in at all. What a disaster. Now my library is so cumbersome that it is almost unusable.

Here’s the question: How can I get rid all that Roon added and get back to where I started? I started to delete each album I didn’t want in the library, but that will take days if not weeks to clean out all of this. I’m also concerned that Roon will keep adding stuff to the library I don’t want so I guess I need also how to turn off this “feature.”

This should help.

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Thank you! The “select all” did it! You saved me so much time. There are still some remnants - they all seem to have a check mark in the lower left hand corner - album pick. How do I turn that off? There doesn’t seem to be a tag that selects them all.

Thanks again. You’ve been a big help.

Some new discoveries - in the Focus function, if you go to the right (blue arrow) you can sort by a number of factors including album pic. That along with the other great advice I received cleaned it all up!

Ok, one more. When viewing albums, if you still see some items to delete, hold down the control key and select only those you wish to delete. Then go to edit (at top) and scroll down to delete. Agree to all and delete! Yes!

A long click on one will then show the top selection menu and you can click on more things to select without the control key held…handy on devices like iPads etc too