Library lost 300 of 1018 albums

I had 1018 albums ripped to internal SSHD in Nucleus + .
Over time I have added about 30 albums from Tidal and 6 from Qobuz and it says I have 1036 albums in Overview. Had a power failure and had to log back into Tidal and Qobuz but before I did I noticed it said I had 693 Albums. Reconnected back to Tidal and Qobuz says back to 1036. If disable Tidal and Qobuz drops back to 693? Help please . Did I lose 300 Albums?

Hi @Billt1,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

If you navigate to the Album Browser and Focus only on the local files, how many albums does it say that you have?

I disabled TiDal and Qobuz . went to album>focus . couldn’t find where it said local files only so Is the reason I disabled services .

Before I ever purchased Tidal I had ripped or downloaded 1018 LPs to the hard drive > added maybe 30-36 LPs via Tidal/ Qobuz so 1036 +/- made sense. My screen shot shows 322 Tidal / no way that is right.

I disabled the Nucleus and re enabled . A few albums that were loaded to hard drive a year plus ago now come as new?

Hi @Billt1,

Just to confirm here, you’re talking about the Nucleus Internal Storage, correct? Disabling and re-enabling added some of the missing albums to your library?

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Library > Clean Up Library for me? Note that you don’t want to run this process, I just need to see a screenshot of the window.

Are there any specific examples that you know of that are stored in your Internal Storage but are not appearing in Roon?

Dylan, thank you for helping with this. I had my I.T. guy log in this afternoon and help look. We went back into the Hard Drive where I had originally ripped my CDs to prior to importing them to the Nucleus SSHD. There are the same amount of files on both ( +/- a very few) so nothing was lost. For some reason prior to turning on any other service ROON told me I had 1018 LPs, now 300 less. I can’t go back and duplicate so don’t know what or why. So until I come across something I think we are all set. Again thank you

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