Library metatdata issues with Soundiiz export

Roon Core
Intel Core i7 PC, Windows 10
Software serial: B44A6E66-A23F-499E-926E-8BC917568DBB

Network Devices
500gb Fibre - Vodafone router WiFi and Ethernet

Audio Devices
HDMI connection from Windows PC to Denon AVR

Library Size
110k tracks
58k local tracks from legacy iTunes library
50k tracks in Tidal

Can anyone advise whether changing the Library Import settings for Album/Track Metadata from Prefer Roon to Prefer File will have any impact on CSV file exports of lists of tracks for importing into Soundiiz?

Also, are there any Library implications for Tagged tracks when toggling between Library Import Metadata settings?

I’m having issues with Soundiiz recognising Roon’s metadata, resulting in some tracks not being identified while others are being mismatched. Unidentified track issues are easy to resolve manually, but mismatching is more difficult to spot without going through track by track. This process is prohibitive for large datasets. From what I can tell, mismatching can occur when there are different releases of the same album and track metadata discrepancies.

The exercise I’m trying to conduct is to create a copy of my Roon/Tidal tagged tracks as playlists in Tidal. In theory, this should be a 100% success rate, but the differences in album/track metadata are causing an unknown error rate. The error rate is probably not exceptionally high, but seeing as there is no reason for anything below a 100% success rate, I hope this is something I can improve by changing my settings.

I am attempting this exercise to ensure that I have an external copy of my Roon Library in Tidal (I also have a similar setup in iTunes for my local tracks). In the event of a corrupt database, which extends to corrupt backups, I can rebuild my Library from scratch by simply reimporting the playlists, creating local versions, and then adding the necessary tags to the individual tracks in each playlist. Having experienced two corrupted databases over the past 18 months, I am now super cautious. However, I noticed some correlation discrepancies in my Tidal playlists and am now looking to rebuild these ahead of upgrading to Roon 2.0.

You could say this is unnecessary, but the peace of mind is worth it alone.

Happy New Year!


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Hi @Nathan_Fowler,

We’re late to our own party, so please accept the apologies of the team for the delayed response.

To answer your questions:

The distinction between Prefer Roon and Prefer File will impact the .CSV export of tracks if you have conflicting data between your file tags and Roon’s own metadata sources in track credits. This is most common with Multi-Part compositions (when you’ve selected "Prefer File, as we recommended, to retain custom tagging) or for libraries with classical music customization.

You can read more here:

There will be implications, similarly, for any track that has conflicting data in credit fields between custom tags and Roon’s metadata. This is because Roon will automatically detect updates to tags that result from toggling between Prefer Roon and Prefer File (see here for what conditions trigger a file tag re-scan), overwriting any credits for tracks you’re about to export to .CSV to reflect the new preferred source.

For instance, an identified album - with multi-part file tags - will lose its multi-part status by toggling “Prefer Roon” in metadata preferences. This would be reflected in any exported list of tracks you created as well.