Library migration problems switching Core

I’ve been using Roon for over a year now. It’s great. After first locating Roon Core on an iMac and using my Zenith SE as an endpoint for all that time (mostly because I was scared off by cautions from Innuos about using the SE for Core due to processing limitations associated with upsampling). After getting reassurances from CA forum members regarding upsampling, I switched the Core to the Zenith SE yesterday. A also migrated the Music Library from an external hard drive to the Zenith.

I was under the impression that all aspects of my library would appear in the newly-located Roon as they do on the original. Far from the case:

  • All albums appear as “New additions” and assigned new “dates added”. This means when using this as the criteria for sorting (which I do), they now all appear in a different order when viewing in Overview. Old albums are now listed as “just added” and appear at the beginning of the list. New albums are located somewhere else depending on how Roon goes about adding them to its library interface.

  • I had 32 Playlists originally. Now I have 17. None of the songs appearing in Playlists are identified as such when viewing them in “Album” format. In other words, previously if I was viewing an artist album, any tracks appearing on a Playlist would be identify as being on that playlist. It’s a great feature.

  • When I switch back to the original Core located on the iMac, everything is as it was originally. No problems. But that is not where I want the Core to be.

Please help with this. I’m not sure what I may have done wrong, but I’m hoping this is an easy fix. Both Cores should have identical libraries - regardless of whether it’s viewed by Overview, Artists, Albums, etc - and also have identical playlists with songs identified as such in Album listings.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can lend a helping hand!


Just to make sure: you’ve followed this guideline?

There’s also some guidance on moving music storage in the process:

Maybe this is what you want -
Settings -> Library -> Import Settings -> Edit -> Track Import Dates -> Roon Import Timestamp

You can always set it back if you don’t like it.

u_gee & Slim – Thanks to both of you. I am assuming somewhere along the trail, I mucked things up in the migration process.

Let me know if the following makes sense, and clarify if needed.

  • On my system FYI, Roon Core can now be accessed on two different devices. I assume that starting over will just overwrite the bad Roon settings?

  • To get things right, seems I need to delete the entire library that has just been created on the Zenith SE and start over.

  • I’ll delete the library on the Zen and create a new Roon backup file using the old Core on the iMac

  • Before making the new backup, I’ll take advantage of Slim’s suggestion to set Track Import dates to Roon Import Timestamp. Do I keep “Use Importdate tag When Present” ON or Off?

  • I actually have two different Roon back-up locations - one on the iMac and the other on an external hard drive. I’ll back-up the Roon database on both.

  • I saw the caution re: avoiding Roon seeing multiple copies of the same file at the same time, but it would be helpful to confirm the file in question here is the Library Storage file, not the Roon Backup file? If it’s the Storage file, I understand all Storage folders in old Core should be disabled before migrating the Library to its new location in the Zenith SE.

  • It sounds like in addition to disabling the Storage folders folders in old Core, It won’t hurt to go ahead and shut down the old Roon Core app completely.

  • The new Roon on the Zen SE will also be shut down when the new library migration takes place.

  • Once the library migration has completed, I can log into and select the new Roon on the Zenith, and the Restore Roon Backup. So which Roon Roon back up is it going to select if I have multiple backup locations? If I create new backups for both will it matter?

  • It will begin importing the just-arrived music files. I need to stay calm while it finishes that process, when the spinner stops.

  • At this point, I’ll be able to check to see if all has migrated per the original. Hopefully, all is well.

  • I can also re-enable the Storage file folder on the old Roon Core. Is the location for this Storage also what I would use for storage location on the New Roon Core?

Sorry this was so long, but appreciate any clarifications. Screwing this up once was bad enuff!


If you’re doing this to fix up the dates then that probably isn’t necessary.

You can do this at any time, the import dates are always there. Backing up and restoring library is the key.

I don’t use this, so I can’t address it, except to say mine is OFF.

It seems that all you have to do is 1) backup old Roon library, 2) restore Roon library to machine you want it on, 3) change the import settings to what I specified, 4) change Roon to point to new core, 5) point to the music files you want on the new Roon core.

Try that first. Why make extra work?

Thanks, Slim. It’s not just the Date Added issue, but I’m also missing half of my Playlists. And even with the Playlists I do have, when viewing those tracks in Album view, none indicate the Playlists they have been added to. I may not need to delete the library, if I can simply override the what’s currently there with a new Roon Backup. Not sure.



Playlists live on your Roon library. So, if they are on your old Roon library then a backup and restore will restore your playlists.

I don’t believe it is necessary to re-move your music files, but whatever.

Whatever you do, don’t re-load your new Roon library (database) with your music. Then you will lose any capability to sort your Roon view based on most recent music.

If your old Roon library is the way you want it then all you have to do is -

I’ve moved my music files and Roon core a couple of times. It isn’t as complicated as you’re making it; you’re overthinking it.

Slim, thanks for your patience. You’re right, I’m overthinking it. What does ‘don’t load the Roon database with your music’ mean? As you’ve suggestrd, I won’t delete the new music library now on device where new Core will be. I will simply make a new copy of Roon backup and restore it when I login.

I meant don’t start a new Roon library (database) and then try to preserve dates, but you are unlikely to do this.

Yes, you should be good to go. Let me know.:sunglasses:

Ok. I’m an idiot. Cannot figure out the file sharing location Roon needs to restore the Roon database. I’m moving the location so the folder is on the Mac instead of a connected USB external hard drive connected.

Is there any reason this wouldn’t work.


I’ve also tried smb:// (etc)

Of course you’ve to share the location (backup folder on your Mac) via Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing first. Maybe it’s easier to use an USB stick to to transfer the backup?

This is based on a suggestion that users folder is shared and you correctly defined host name of the machine


Don’t forget your mac credentials

This is driving me nuts, and in turn I’m doing the same to you.

  • I have enabled the RoonBackup folder to be shared on the iMac. I believe this is the folder to point Roon at for the database, not the very long alpha/numerical folder inside.

  • I have confirmed my MAC ID is IMAC-455F64

  • My iMac user name and passwords are correct. I have identified WORKGROUP as name of same.

I have tried variations of:


  • with and without Macintosh
  • backward double slash instead of forward
  • lose smb: Instead \IMAC-455F64\share

I’ll keep at it. Any ideas welcome.

Got it. Thanks for all the help. I’m know you had to be running out of patience. I had changed my Mac password in the middle of all this and when I deauthorized myself and immediately authorized using the new password, everything worked like a charm. Thank you Slim, ugee and vova !


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