Library missing again

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Qnap TS 473

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Description of Issue

Ive been having this issue off and on for a few months now. My library will completely disappear from Roon unexpectedly. I didn’t have this problem before in 2021.

I presume the library is on the Qnap. How and where (drives) is Roon installed? What steps did you take before to restore your library? What exactly are you seeing, and what device do you use to control Roon?

Yes, Roon and library on QNAP. Roon is installed on separate volume (SSD). Frankly I have not been able to restore the library. It just reappears sometimes. I do notice this happens after a Roon upgrade. I use Roon remotely on various devices in my house (laptop, phone, tablet). I have tried forcing a rescan in Roon, removing and adding music folder in settings, stopping and starting Roon on the Qnap. Nothing works. Again I was not having this issue at all in 2021. Here is what I am seeing on my phone.