Library not available: unexpected error or invalid network path

roon core on nas synology ds220+ with dsm 7
roon library on nas synology ds420j with dsm 7
remote–>pc window 11
router avm fritzbox 7530ax

Suddenly my library disappeared because roon don’t see anymore the unit with shared folder, “unit not available”.
Nas with library is working great and I see shared folder on my pc.
I read a lot of topics for similar trouble and spent hours with smb configuration on the nas, windows network setup…no way to add remote folder. Thanks for any help.

DSM 7 doesn’t allow installed apps to mount remote shares. You can only point to local directories, so mount the share on OS level if you really have to use a remote share and then point Roon to the local directory (mount point).

before core was on Nas Synology ds218 with DSM 6 and all worked perfectly, but I had to change due to hardware failure. So the problem is to have the core on a system with DSM7?
Please can you clarify ‘so mount the share on OS level’ you mean to mount the share on the pc and then point to pc shared folder or I need to operate on Nas and how? Many thanks

Your Core runs on your NAS so OS level means DSM on your NAS. Please use information already posted in other threads to find out more: Search results for 'DSM 7 add share' - Roon Labs Community (example search).

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