Library not updating, EVEN with CLEAN INSTALL!

I came home today and wanted to throw on some 1997 Phish.

Open the app on my iPad, and Roon is telling me that I don’t have a library?

I did a fresh install, and I keep having the same problem. Library is installed on a Qnap (Core is as well)

It was working fine yesterday. I have no idea what went wrong.

When I go to storage in setting and remove the folder and add the folder again. Roon doesn’t even scan for anything. Even if I hit the scan button.

Can you browse to see if drive is there?

As an aside; I have a QNAP, worst bit of kit I’ve ever owned, unreliable and doesn’t even restore properly :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Are there still music files in that folder? Maybe you should check that on your NAS because you might as well just be a victim of the latest wave of ransomware attack: QNAP force-installs update after DeadBolt ransomware hits 3,600 devices

Yes music is still on the Qnap.

I linked the file to Clementine and it had no problems adding the folder as my library.

I don’t think I am being ransomware, because I have access to the Qnap and can see the files / modify them.

Also a clean install of Roon should have fixed it. But I still don’t get any albums or anything. Removing folder / adding / forcing rescan does nothing.

And the user/password combination Roon is using to access the QNAP appliance is certainly correct? Is that user marked active and not locked in that NAS?

It’s is very unlikely that Roon just stops recognizing it’s library. So where there any changes around that time when Roon changed its behavior like for example:

  • Updates to the OS (QTS?) your Core runs on?
  • To the way (update) Roon Server is installed/running (QNAP package/Docker image/ other?) on that Core?
  • Where there possibly updates to other Apps installed on the NAS?
  • Did you activate/install other/new Apps/services on your NAS?
  • Did you change a configuration setting maybe (OS/App/service)?

You can try and restore a recent backup, I hope you have one, but without knowing what might have caused the issue, there is no way to know if this might help/fix anything for you.

Without any details at hand, this thread might also cover what’s happening to your installation (just a shot in the blue):

None should be needed at all when Roon Server is accessing local data.


Somehow the setting on the Qnap for Guest access was on Deny access…

Thank you All.

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