Library question, or what happened to Michael Hedges?

I wanted to listen to “Aerial Boundaries.” I know I’ve got it - I have 3 or 4 MH cd’s ripped to my NAS. But Roon couldn’t find it. I checked the NAS and they are definitely there. I wonder what else might be “missing”? Any ideas?

Check to make sure there are no odd characters in your folder structure?

Aerial Boundaries imported for me no fuss.

What brand of NAS are you using? Are you on Windows?"

Windows 8.1 and a WD NAS. I guess the titles just fell out of my library. I restarted the laptop and then Roon, and there they were.

This sounds strange @JChrisG – glad this worked itself out.

Our 1.1 release will have the ability to manually rescan your drives and folders, and we’ve also fixed a few bugs that were causing us to skip certain directories when there were issues with permissions, so hopefully this type of issue is behind us once 1.1 goes live.

For now, let me know if you have any more issues. Thanks and sorry for the trouble!

No problem. I am used to turning things off and on. Thanks for the reply.