Library Reporting Detail

Is there a way to inspect and export library details into XLS?

All Artists/Genre/Album/Format - other data if available.

Since Roon has this data, how can I export it? I don’t want to use focus and go through each iteration. Just a master library listing.

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Check this out …

Perfect! Thanks Martin.

any chance of seeing the directory it’s pointing to?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.

Hi -

Another column that would show the folder where the file/album resides. Didn’t mean directory. Thanks -

You may be able to do it by Export Track information but I haven’t checked.

Ok. I can see the path on export tracks. But it doesn’t show if it’s been ID’d or not by Roon. Anyway to get that info? Thanks -

I’m away from home, so can’t confirm if this is possible, but I’m sure you can by Export Track.

@support–I note that has the link “selecting the content” but that article hasn’t been written.