Library Rescan Crash After Update to Build 1432 (ref#P7QYPG)

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Dear Support-Team,
I have installed the latest build 1432 on my Antipodes K50 G4 with ASM 5.0.
After install, a rescan of my Libary will always chrash it, the Roon-APP display „Restore from Backup“.
The restore itself works Fine, but after restore the rescan of my libary fails again (try it two times).

Can‘t use Roon now!

Kind regards
Thomas Lesnakowski

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Fritzbox 6590 and NetGear GS108-Switch

Hi @Thomas_Lesnakowski1,

Thank you for your post. We’ve activated diagnostic reporting to take a closer look and identified evidence of corruption in your database.

It’s difficult to pin down a single cause for Roon database corruption; environmental factors like power loss, or sync programs tampering with the contents of the database are common culprits.

What we can confirm diagnostically is this: Roon is reading random changes in files originally written to the drive, and these unexpected and random changes are significant enough that Roon cannot load the database properly. Effectively, the database is mutating in real time.

There are times when the corruption can be “latent”: part of the database is corrupted, but the database can still load. Often, this latent corruption is revealed when Roon updates to a new database format, as this process requires that every record in the database is accessed.

This is likely the case here — the backup that you used to restore was made after the latent corruption existed.

Generally, the solution is to try using an even older backup if you have one available that precedes the corruption. Load the oldest Backup you have available and see if that works. Otherwise, starting fresh is the second option with a complete database refresh.