Library scanning won't stop

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

MacOS High Sierra/ MacMini Server 2011/ Version 1.7 (build537)

MacMini (Roon installed on APFS Volume) with external Thunderbolt HardDisk RAID Volume (Music Files stored here) connected via WiFi to the Internet.

Description Of Issue

Roon keeps scanning for new files. I have lots of files so this goes on for days and then seems to start again. It states that it has completed but is still continuing to scan. Any assistance would be great. Screenshots attached. I am not allowed to attach logs.

Do you really have one point two million files?

Still going

Hello @Charles_Valladares, that’s an impressive library! I’d like to help with this scanning issue, do you have a model number for the Macmini server?

Nope, you don’t have 6 million tracks.

Do you happen to have any library backups on the same drive that you are adding music from?

Hi Scott,

There are no backups on the drive that Roon says it is scanning but it it is monitoring a second location on the internal drive that is partitioned for backup using MaxOS time machine. But the issue seems to be with the external drive.

Latest screen shot attached.

Cheers Charles

I’ll shut up and let the pro’s fix you up.
Good luck,

Wow, something’s not right. It’s scanning almost 9 million files in your Music Files external drive. Currently, it’s found about 115,000 tracks.

Can you post a screenshot of your Settings > Storage tab?

As @nuwriy asked, what model number is your Mac Mini Core. Also, how much RAM and is the internal drive an SSD?

Can you also just manually view your external Music Files drive and confirm that there’s only music files stored on it?

I’m no expert, but it kind of looks like you are somehow adding files (millions?) to the external drive. When it happens, Roon has to scan the files, but doesn’t really find an above the 114,474.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Nuwriy.

Model Name:Mac mini|
Model Identifier: Macmini5,3
Processor Name:Intel Core i7
Processor Speed:2 GHz|

Hi Greg, I would take a screen shot of the storage but I now have blue spinning wheel of death :upside_down_face:

Internal drive is an SSD which Roon is installed on. It has a separate SATA drive which is used for backups only. RAM is 16GB.

There are both video files and music files on the drive Roon is scanning. There has been no major changes to this configuration. I recently changed the config of the HD where Roon in installed to APFS.

Cheers Charles

Memory utilisation is picture attached in top right hand corner.

Slowing down but still going. Storage screenshot attached

Hello @Charles_Valladares,

How many tracks total do you have stored on that drive? I’d also like to know what kind of drive it is so I can investigate further, I believe you said it was an SSD?

Lastly, you have some videos stored on that drive. Are you only storing music and videos on there or other things as well?

Thanks for your assistance Nuwriy and everyones’ interest.

I believe there is about 114+K files…Roon has always counted about that many. iTunes installed on the same SSD as Roon counts 115K songs so about the same.

The Music Files hard disk where Roon is scanning only has videos and music. Nothing else.

I recently changed the SSD to APFS that Roon is installed on. The Music files config is OS Extended Journalled - see screen shot

Cheers Charles

Hello @Charles_Valladares, thanks for your patience here. I took a look at the diagnostic report and found this:

05/09 05:05:40 Warn: [storage] [directory] Cannot iterate dir: '/Volumes/Music Files/Backups.backupdb/crsvee/2020-04-04-152428/Server HD/Applications/', ex: System.IO.PathTooLongException: The path '/Volumes/Music Files/Backups.backupdb/crsvee/2020-04-04-152428/Server HD/Applications/' is too long, or a component of the specified path is too long.

It looks like Roon is having issues processing the time machine data on that drive. I’d recommend we move music to a separate folder or move those backups to another folder.

Hi Nuwriy, you are right. Sorry, I didn’t realise I had backup files on this drive. I have deleted these from the drive and checking to see if everything runs OK. Cheers Charles

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All is working well. Thanks all very much for your help and especially Nuwriy! Cheers Charles

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