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NUC - Rock

Running on ethernet

Brand new to Roon - Just had my new core device shipped (still waiting on delivery)

I sure that this is covered somewhere but I’ve read everything I can find still not sure how this bit works - Once the new core is booted up and it starts the process of indexing - How can I have it only index my own library and not other devices on the network i.e. My teenagers terrible choice of noise :slight_smile:

It isn’t by devices on your network. Roon only knows about storage you put in Settings==>Storage.

If their music is in folders separate from yours, then no problem.
Simply don’t add their music storage to Roon.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding your question?

Thank you - That makes sense

I have not yet used Roon so not be able to see the control interface at all - It was demo to me by an acquaintance - so I was not able to ask all the noob questions I now have !!

Hi @Stuart_F,

Check out our documentation on importing music — Slim is correct here. You choose what specific folders to add to Roon. This can be internal drives, external drives, or network shares.

Our KB has a lot of great info — Our Getting Started section is a good place to start if you haven’t checked it out already.

If you have any other questions always feel free to reach out!

Just to add to the good advice, when you first install Roon, it will offer to add the operating system’s default music folder. I don’t know how yours is set up but you can always not tick that option when it appears and add a more precise version later as @dylan’s links explain.

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