Library stored on different devices in same network

I installed roon core on my pc (windows10).
Roon found my iTunes library w/o problems.
I stream to a Naim Uniti star (bought last month and roon ready).
The Naim device can rip and store cd’s.
Is it possible to have a music library with folders on the pc as well as on the Naim Uniti Star? I suppose that is what the “add network share” button is for.
If so, thanks to help me connecting these files. Where do I find the device’s “network share location”?
Thx, Kris

You will need to allow sharing of the folder on your PC. Right click on the folder containing music on your PC and select tab sharing. Enable sharing. Now you will have to add this folder as source in Roon Core.

Yes add them both as storage locations on the core. I would check the kB as to how to do this as it varies per operating system. On the Naim if you have been ripping CDs as wavs then you will likely have metadata troubles as Naims ripper uses a bespoke way of storing it as a sidecar file and nothing can read this so Roon may struggle to identify albums, if they are ripped as flac then you will be fine.