Library Streaming Service Switchover

Since I started with Roon a while back, I have kept subscriptions to Tidal and Qobuz. It’s been great. As I have accumulated a library of releases, I have not paid much attention to which service I was selecting from while adding albums. So, I have a hodge podge of both Tidal and Qobuz releases in my library.

I am thinking of reducing to a single service, simply for cost purposes. So, I have been pondering a way to switch all Tidal library selections to Qobuz (or the other way around) without having to audit every album in the library and manually switch the selection.

Anyone have ideas on a slick way to do a library album migration from one service to another? I can think of many, but, I am not sure if any are supported.

  1. In an all library album sort, have a column, “streaming service” with the ability to change groups of albums with a drop down.

  2. Have Roon built logic, once you remove a streaming service, Roon prompts you to make a selection for each orphaned album, i.e., “if a tidal version no longer exists, ask user to either select Qobuz version or risk album deletion from library.”, or, do this automatically

  3. Go through albums, one by one.

  4. Maybe I am way overthinking this and I do not need to do this at all and just rely on Roon to tell me to make a reselection next time I try to play an album that has been made unavailable since I left the assigned streaming service (let sleeping dogs lie until you need to play a song, then make reselection, that could be annoying)(Sometimes the “kept” stream service will have multiple versions, so, I’ll need to make a selection anyways)

Any thoughts Roon Nation?


Roon can’t do this for you automatically. You’d need to re-select versions for each album individually to have the one in your library for the streaming service you wind up with (you’d need to be signed into both to do this). The best option for a one-time migration, which I used when I was faced with the same situation, is Soundiiz:

There’s a monthly or annual subscription that will allow you to transfer all of your TIDAL favorites (and playlists) to Qobuz at once (if they are available on Qobuz), which will then show up in your Roon library as Qobuz favorites. Or vice-versa. It’s the best option if you have a large library of streaming service favorites.

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That is outstanding, thank you for the pointer.

Be sure to print out the .csv file that it will generate of ones that didn’t transfer and check it carefully as sometimes it’s just a matter of wording or format.