Library Watch List - Check Services for Updates

Tidal and Qobuz are continually adding new titles and updating existing titles with higher quality versions. I would like a feature in Roon that acts something like a watch list for service updates. For example, neither Qobuz or Tidal currently offer “Stationary Traveller” by Camel. I would like a way to mark that album as being watched for updates in the services I have enabled and notification sent when it becomes available. Similarly, for albums already in my library I would like a way to mark them as being watched for updates and notified when an upgraded version becomes available.

Maybe there is a way to do this already in the streaming services. If so, how? Maybe it is too much to ask. But, for me, Roon’s value lies in a few clearly defined areas - as a zone enabled player, as a device manager, and library management. Much of Roon’s value derives, for me, from its excellent ability to filter and manage a library of hi-def audio. I would like to see continued improvements in this area and being able to quickly find out about the addition of hi-def audio in my services would be of great value to me.

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